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PICO has a long history of providing some of the best fishing lures. PICO lures proudly makes our hand painted top water lures, fresh water lures and salt water lures in Texas.

Steve runs his family operated Pico Lures and looks forward to returning the PICO lures tradition to the coastal and inland lakes.

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About PICO Lures

How the Pop, Lil Pop, Perch, Side Shad, & Slasher Lures Work

PICO lures are a tried and true bait designed for the ultimate fishing experience. The Pop and
Lil Pops are topwater lures that chug like no other. The stance in the water allows you to work
the bait as subtle or as radical as you want without jerking it out of the water. Perch lures are
ideal as freshwater lures and saltwater lures. The PICO Perch is the forerunner of the lipless
crankbaits, such as the Rattletraps and Spots. The unique fall and action of the PICO perch has
been a favorite lure for generations. The Side Shad and Slasher lures are great topwater
lures that use props and will be sure to entice those big bass out of their shallow water haunts.
If you're fishing with a freshwater lure or saltwater lure, PICO has the lure for you.