Chrome-Blue Square Bill PSQB-52
Chrome-Blue Square Bill PSQB-52

Chrome-Blue Square Bill PSQB-52

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PSQB Series Crankbait by Pico!
For Crappie, Bass and Walleye
Part Number: PSQB-52
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PSQB-51 Chrome Blue Back

These shallow runners are perfect for covering lots of shallow water fast with a  medium-wide wobble.  The unique sound chamber in these baits gives a sound unlike other square bills, with a knocking sound instead of rattles.  Dimples on the body of the bait provide extra light refraction and flash in the water, as well as a better water displacement, making a total system that helps all types of game fish to home in on these baits.  These baits will run 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 feet on a long cast depending on line size.  Recommended size of 8 to 10 LB test for max depth, larger line can be used to make bait run shallower.

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