Pico Fishing Favorites Kit
Pico Fishing Favorites Kit

Pico Fishing Favorites Kit

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Our hand picked "Best of the Best" baits for when we want to grab something and go!
We pick baits for Bass and Panfish, specifically for fishing from shore on creek and river banks or farm ponds and small lakes, as well as skinny water from Kayaks.   
Kits include Original Pico Pop topwater, Pico Square bill crankbaits, Marabou Jigs, a bobber, and a Selection of pointer shads, curl tails and Tube jigs, as well as 
jig heads for rigging.  Also included a bottle of Slab Sauce attractant, and some  Shaky heads and Ned heads, so pick up a pack of your favorite plastic worm, grab a rod and reel and your all set!
Retail if bought separately is well over 60-Bucks!